Saturday, 7 April 2012

assalamualaikum guysss :)

hye!! For the first entry, just wanna share what’s cross on my mind right now. hurmm i'm just think about myself, my relationship with 'someone'. (siapakah?? teka2 cpt. haha) xrelationship sgt la da xde ape pon. im single now!! huhu. btw, you know what sometimes we feel being single most tend to be acting like a slut. we go texting random boys. we go out with the boys. but actually it goes in the name of friendship. it doesn't mean anything. and that’s not how we try to flirt to each other. that’s such a lame thought! well, i admit it i always ask a friend and sometimes friends in opposite gender to go out for movies, shoppe, and bla bla bla, and i wonder why i do such thing like that . but honestly it doesn’t even approach to heart-feelings things. not even have a night we say ‘i love you’ or ‘i like you since we ever met’, hell No! never ever and ever., instead of i would just trying to appreciate people who dropped by to my life even just for a second and make things beautiful since we have time together. because i certainly know how it feels when someone you love but they do not appreciate you. i certainly know the feeling and wishing there’s no more occurrences such like that. that’s it. but maybe i was fault too. never believe in him. .

nway guys, just imagine how's you gonna adapt these such things?? did it happen to you as well?? if it, i believe you would do as i do.

if you are one of my closest friends who reading this, i’m sorry if i do mistakes that hurt you inside. i’ll try my best in future to bring colours to your life. to our life. :)

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